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Do you see the whole picture? Can you predict where the bottlenecks are?

Do you wish you could play with your assets in a risk-free environment?

Are you looking for a tool that provides greater insight into constraints and conflicts in your systems?

Stream Systems provides a virtual sandbox that enables you to unleash your full potential.

Screen capture of Stream's software in action - Drag & Drop Interface -Terminals & Pipelines.

Screen capture of Stream's software in action - Drag & Drop Interface -Terminals & Pipelines.

Stream Systems’ simulation software helped Kinder Morgan make complex decisions by enabling us to run multiple scenarios while incorporating model changes quickly. The visual representation of the facilities in a virtual environment was integral to understanding a complicated situation with multiple variables. Data supplied from the model outputs enabled Kinder Morgan to make fundamental design upgrades to an unbuilt facility, as well as drive an important line change decision. Stream Systems saved Kinder Morgan significant time, enabled us to optimize facility design, and empowered our company to make difficult decisions quickly.
— Scheduling Supervisor, Kinder Morgan