Check Us out at the Anylogic Conference!

The AnyLogic Company is a leading provider of  simulation technologies and consulting services for business applications. They design, develop and market AnyLogic – a simulation software tool that combines System DynamicsProcess-centric (Discrete Event), and Agent Based methods within one modeling language and one model development environment.

The AnyLogic Conference offers a variety of presentations from globally recognized organizations using AnyLogic simulation and modeling technology for better, more profitable decision making. It is an annual meeting place for users and prospective users of AnyLogic simulation and modeling software.

Stream Systems was at the 4th Anylogic Conference represented by Birgit Juergensen, VP Operations and Alvaro Gil, Modeling & Simulation Specialist on November 4-5, 2015 held in Philadelphia, PA, USA.  Alvaro & Birgit presented “Modeling and Optimization of Wells Scheduling for In Situ Oil Sands Production” which talks about the production and scheduling challenges of non-conventional oil extraction (SAGD and CSS) and how a simulation tool built to model and replicate the effect given the expected production profiles in extraction techniques, improves production schedule per well thus minimizes variability and increases general output. 

The link to the video presentation is here.