Find out Why IPC 2016 Will Be a Milestone Occasion for Stream


The week of September 26, 2016, is an exciting time in Calgary. Nearly 1200 delegates from around the world, representing companies across the pipeline industry arrive in Calgary for the bi-annual International Pipeline Conference and Exposition.

For Stream, this will be a milestone occasion.

We are thrilled to announce that Wednesday, September 28th will mark the launch of our software as a service (SaaS) application on GE’s Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) platform, Predix. Stream’s SaaS application is a tool that is transforming simulation. The drag and drop interface allows users to model, simulate and optimize business problems in a risk-free virtual world. As a result, users are able to realize significant savings in capital and operating expenses by optimizing assets, reducing bottlenecks and experimenting with business operations. And after the SaaS launch, Stream will be available through Predix’s cloud-based IIOT platform.

“Pipeline Technology Day” at General Electric’s Customer Innovation Center is an invite-only event, and will feature some of the most innovative pipeline and Industrial Internet of Things technologies available today. Stream will represent the “Pipeline Network Optimization” category, one of four at the pipeline technology showcase.

Additionally, as mentioned last month, Birgit’s paper was accepted to IPC! This is an important achievement given that all papers are peer-reviewed by a technical committee, with a multi-step system in place to ensure only the highest quality papers are accepted. Titled, “Modeling Conflicts and Batch Quality Impacts in Pipeline and Crude Oil Storage Terminals,” Stream is excited to present the important and influential ideas outlined in the paper.

Our team has been growing in preparation for the SaaS launch, and today we confirmed our 21st team member! Everyone is working hard and are committed to the SaaS launch on September 28th. We can’t wait for you to see and experiment with the revolutionary technology Stream has created!