Let's Make Everyone VERY Uncomfortable…for Allan's Birthday We Made a Video!


The Stream Team wanted to surprise Allan for his birthday. He was out of town for a meeting in Toronto, and we weren’t able to give him well wishes in person. So, Stream made a personalized video!

The thing was, no one was aware that this would happen first thing on Monday morning. Except for Erica, Stream's Marketing & Communications Coordinator. So at our weekly scrum when she made the announcement, all of the developers tried to run away. But they couldn’t because they were only given 5 minutes’ notice.


Before the Stream team knew it, we were in the lobby of our office tower, filming the entire company singing Happy Birthday to Allan while throwing balloons into the air.

We also wanted to highlight the fact that Stream has quite the diverse team with employees from around the world. The diversity and many languages of our office are captured on film. As a result, Allan was wished "Happy Birthday" in nine languages including:


We're just as serious about our fun as we are our work! :)