Second Sexiest Job of the 21st Century?

Alvaro Gil, our very own simulation modeller said it best:

"What can be sexier than a job where you can model, understand and improve virtually anything? Modellers are like artists that use simple analogies to replicate complex structures."

Alvaro was inspired by Benjamin Schumann, a simulation expert with a PhD in Complex Systems Simulation who wrote: The Second Sexiest Job of the 21st Century? Simulation Modeller! Although Harvard Business Review indicated that the sexiest job of the 21st century was a data scientist, Benjamin has some solid reasons as to why simulation modelling comes in second.

To quote Benjamin:

Let me tell you about the second sexiest job of the 21st century: As a simulation modeller, my work is truly colorful. I build virtual worlds that behave like their real-world equivalent: Aircraft move from A to B, legislation impacts water usage or bottles of coke are moving through a factory floor. Our work is a bit like a kid’s model railway: first we build it and then we get to play with it. We see our models grow and become “alive”. And then we use them for analysis, interpretation and real-world action. To me, this sounds very sexy indeed. Only topped, maybe, by being a commercial airline pilot (surely the sexiest job ever…).

Simulation modelling is at the heart of what Stream does. And, the software we've developed makes simulation accessible for everyone. With the release of our SaaS product in September, we will be another step closer to democratizing simulation, and making the world, and the operations in it, better, faster, cheaper, and more efficient. It'll also make everyone a bit...sexier!