WATCH: Be The Best Pipeline Professional You Can Be!

We’re often asked what exactly Stream does.

The simple answer is that we’re in the business of modeling simulation software and that we’re revolutionizing and democratizing this world to bring the power of optimized networks and systems to everyone. Right now we’re focused on the pipeline industry (it’s where our roots are, after all!), with the intention of expanding to other industries in the near future.

However, if we really drill down to our WHY, and the reason for creating Stream in the first place, our existence was generated from the desire to help pipeline professionals be the best at their jobs they can be. As pipeline professionals ourselves, we know that the difficulty of optimizing a pipeline network problem is a billion times more complex than, for example, loading people onto an airplane (which is a network solution yet to be implemented!) Add to this an ever-changing business environment and you might want to reach for Advil to reduce your scheduling headache.

This desire to increase efficiency and productivity in the highly complex world of pipeline operations is the reason why we created Stream’s software. And the great thing is, we’re bringing this advanced software to the cloud with SimOpti. SimOpti enables users to conduct asset simulation, anytime, anywhere. What makes this software unique is that it is a flexible, all-in-one product that can be customized for your company’s specific business rules and constraints. On top of that, it’s easy to use!

We’re excited for SimOpti’s launch on GE’s Predix platform on September 28th at GE’s Customer Innovation Center.

We invite you to watch our whiteboard video, “Be the Best Pipeline Scheduler You Can Be”, to gain an understanding of the solutions our software can generate for the pipeline industry.

Importantly, we’re looking for pipeline professionals to try out SimOpti in order to experience how this solution can save you time, money and your sanity. With your feedback, we can continue to improve SimOpti to make it even easier to use. We invite you to sign up for a trial (limited free versions available), to gain a greater understanding of your pipeline, and implement the solutions SimOpti generates.

We’re really excited to launch the product we’ve been working extremely hard to deliver. Help us make your lives a bit easier by trying out SimOpti and unleashing the full potential of your pipeline network and terminals.


The Stream Team