React Montreal Community Launch Event


Hello Montreal Meetup Members! Stream is sponsoring a new React Montreal Meetup and the first meeting is November 27th. Click to register below!

Thank you to Edivan Silva for organizing!

- There will be some pizza and beverages ( beer mostly, same ol')

This is an event for all enthusiasts, of all levels, of any tribe (hipsters, hustlers and hackers)

What we do:

- Keynotes, short presentations, testimonials.
- We wanna connect with "YOU" on a personal level, YOUR idea matter 👊
- Open space to showcase personal projects to get some feedback
- We laugh and get inspired
- Connect people 🤗 🤗 🤗
- Help with tech contributions, pull requests and stuff, you know? 🖖🖖

6pm - Open door / meet-and-greet

6:30pm Sponsors / Job postings
6:40pm - Short keynote by (Eddie Silva)
7pm - To be announced

7:20pm - testimonials - (Open space)

7:30pm - Networking

8:20pm - Start to pack up
8:30pm - We all leave

This event is powered by our gold sponsor Stream Systems.