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Stream Systems' software has enabled a number of companies to realize significant value. On average, clients have experienced the following results:

  • Revenues increased up to 10%
  • Project savings up to 40%
  • Solutions in 60-90 days

In addition to these metrics, Stream has enabled clients to understand their assets in a new way;  unlock the full potential of their system; and remove bottlenecks.

Read one of our client cases to see Stream's software in action.

“As a former Energy executive overseeing the operations of numerous upstream and midstream assets, I know there is a very strong business case for the technology Stream brings to the table. The innovative methodology applied by the knowledgeable Stream staff not only results in a tangible and economic solution to a clients specific business need, it also provides the client with a deeper understanding of their process and opens up further opportunities to explore. The benefits are many of an analytical simulation tool, and the process to develop it, where the end user can work with the product over time and run ‘what if’s’ with ease.”
— Cam Kramer, Former COO ARC Resources Ltd.