Stream Systems Launches SimOpti, a Cloud-Based Business Decision Modeling Simulation Software


Stream Systems is pleased to announce the launch of SimOpti, a revolutionary cloud-based modeling simulation software for optimized business decisions. SimOpti increases efficiencies for industrial companies by identifying and optimizing bottlenecks in complex industrial systems and networks. Stream’s current focus is on the pipeline industry, whereby clients use SimOpti to reduce bottlenecks for pipeline terminals and network problems. Clients have saved between $80M-$200M on project costs.

SimOpti is now officially hosted on Predix after showcasing the software at GE’s Calgary Customer Innovation Center on September 28th at Pipeline Technology Day.


SimOpti is unique in three respects. First, the software integrates data from multiple sources, not just specializing in areas such as hydraulics or scheduling. Assets are simulated on the system and network level, which allows complex business operations problems to be solved in a realistic way. Second, SimOpti enables collaboration so that individuals from different departments and fields of study can work together. Third, SimOpti is fast. Decisions need to be made right here, right now and SimOpti facilitates this. Whereas traditionally it would take three to six months to build and validate a pipeline terminal, users of SimOpti can do it in three to six days.

The software uses the concept of gamification to enable industry professionals to gain more insight into their asset systems. The simulation model allows users to highly personalize and scale their assets in a risk-free virtual environment, with an intuitive drag and drop interface so that anyone can use it: decisions makers, analysts, and modelers.


It’s not easy to find bottlenecks and quantify their impact in complex networks with multiple interacting variables and varying parameters. SimOpti combines an engine powered by physics and statistics with a simple user interface, to enable fast, realistic, and collaborative decisions.

Stream’s SimOpti is a SaaS-based application architecture that enables users to collaborate simultaneously on the same simulation model, empowering teams to work together in a virtual environment wherever there is an internet connection.

In a world with so much data and an enormous rate of change, SimOpti provides the decision-making support needed for complex systems. It marries business rules with physics and engineering.

Stream is offering a limited number of free trials for SimOpti.
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About Stream Systems

Since 2014, Stream has provided innovative modeling simulation software solutions for midstream oil and gas companies dealing with network and asset optimization problems for greenfield and brownfield projects.  Saving companies millions of dollars, while providing a fresh look at asset utilization, the launch of Stream’s cloud-based SimOpti brings asset simulation to everyone, anywhere, anytime.