A New Era at Stream

Friday marked an exciting day, and the beginning of a new era. 

Stream moved into the cool GE offices in Eighth Avenue Place! Although we will maintain our office in Millenium Tower, you can expect to find our employees working between the two spaces.

As a Zone Startups Calgary accelerator program participant, Stream is also allocated desks and work spaces on one of GE's floors. Some added perks to this arrangement include an amazing view, table hockey, a hip and well stocked kitchen, as well as cool furniture and meeting rooms. Not to mention the inspiring quotes strategically placed on the walls throughout the hallways.

We're excited about this collaboration because the accelerator program develops and finances startups focused on the industrial Internet and oil and gas sectors. This is a big opportunity for Stream, and we're anticipating significant growth with the support of GE and Ryerson Futures.

Dumitru guided a tour of our new "home", and we set up some computers and workstations overlooking the Saddledome and the Bow river, as well as Calgary's ever expansive blue sky.


Everyone is pretty thrilled about this new arrangement, as well as the exciting things that will happen under the GE roof to fuel the growth of Stream, and our mission to revolutionize the oil and gas industry and eventually...the world.